Wednesday, November 15, 2006

NanoSpace and NanoMilitary

Nanotechnology will revolutionize sensors and actuators, synthetic devices that mimic biological processes like the sense of smell and muscle contraction. The field could make possible craft with warping wings, noninvasive medical testing in space and materials that self-repair. The materials of nanotechnology promise to avoid degradation from radiation exposure, a common problem in space.

We need substantiation on the paragraph above with present day R and D. That was written inn 2000 under President Bill Clinton.

Let us assign someone to Nanotechnology and Teleportation as well. Quantum Teleportation. How about it, Dr. Felix Buot?

Fact: there is Radiation in Space and whoseover is in outer space longer get irradiated more unless the shielding is different.

The people who run the Millennium Project of the American Council for the United Nations University (ACUNU) wanted to better understand the "Potential Environmental Pollution and Health Hazards Resulting from Possible Military Uses of Nanotechnology," along with "Implications for Research Priorities Helpful to Prevent and/or Reduce Such Pollution and Hazards."


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